Corporate Members

PT. Sumber Mitra Agung Jaya

PT. Sumbermitra Agungjaya (Summit) is a marketing distributor company that has been established since 1994.

We are the distributor of several manufacturers of reagents, automated clinical chemistry analyzers, fully automated electrolyte analyzer and laboratory information system (LIS) for clinical laboratory.

PT. Sysmex Indonesia

Sysmex is the world’s largest supplier of hematology instrumentation. We provide laboratory testing instruments and reagents, as well as after-sales support, to medical institutions in more than 160 countries around the world.

Sysmex offers a broad range of diagnostic products in the hematology, hemostasis, urinalysis, chemistry and life science fields. These products are completed by an innovative suite of systemization and information technology solutions for healthcare organizations.

PT. Tawada Healthcare

Tawada Healthcare was founded in 1999 with the goal of becoming the most integrated, reliable, and customer-driven healthcare provider in Indonesia. Through the years, we have added various different brands and products to our portfolio in order to serve even more customer base. We are focused on providing the best customer experience and to offer products of the best quality to our Indonesian customers.

Today, Tawada Healthcare is one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare, medical devices, and medical consumables provider in Indonesia. Tawada Healthcare currently represents 13 major International principals and possesses the network to market our products through the entire nation, covering major provinces and cities. We currently have 11 branches including our headquarter in Jakarta, and we plan to keep on increasing in order to increase our network and coverage, and also to obtain more market share and better coverage

Hak sebagai Corporate Member HKKI

  • Memperoleh perlakuan khusus untuk iklan di dalam buletin, web dan jurnal, antara lain: mendapat diskon khusus dan prioritas pilihan lokasi iklan.
  • Memperoleh kesempatan untuk simposium industri berkaitan dengan kegiatan Ilmiah HKKI & materi penelitian (dalam bentuk kit reagen dan biaya penelitian dalam batas-batas tertentu).
  • Memperoleh prioritas pilihan booth pada pameran kegiatan HKKI.
  • Bila sesama corporate member menginginkan pilihan yang sama, maka penentuannya berdasarkan lamanya menjadi anggota corporate member.
  • Bila ternyata kondisi tersebut sama juga, maka akan diundi.

Kewajiban sebagai Corporate Member HKKI

  • Iuran tetap sebesar Rp. 4.000.000/tahun