The Indonesian Association for Clinical Chemistry (IACC) or Himpunan Kimia Klinik Indonesia (HKKI) in bahasa Indonesia was established legally on 25 January 1980 in Jakarta. The idea of forming the association was initiated by the First Congress of the Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB) held in Singapore, 14th-17th October 1979. During the Congress, around 30 Indonesian participants, including dr. Jeanne Latu, dr. Marsetio Donosepoetro, dr. Tejo Baskoro, dr. Widyaharsana, Dr. Gino Tan, Drs. Andi Wijaya, Dr. Bina Suhendra, Drs. Gunawan, dr Siti Boedina Kresno and dr Marzuki Suryaatmadja gathered and met in Johnson & Johnson’s hospitality room of the Shangri-La Hotel, the Congress site. The meeting was chaired by dr. Widyaharsana who was the Director of Health Laboratory Services, Republik Indonesia Ministry of Health. During the meeting they decided to form IACC with dr. Widyaharsana, Dr. Gino Tan, and Drs. Andy Wijaya as the steering committee. The steering committee task was to draft the organization’s vision and mission and appointed dr. Marsetio Donoseputro as the first IACC president.

The notarial legal establishment of IACC was signed by dr. Marsetio, dr. Jeanne Latu, dr. Tejo Baskoro, dr. Widyaharsana, Dra. Ninik Sulistyaningsih,and Dr. Bina Suhendra on 25 January 1980.

Since 1980 until now IACC has been led by 6 presidents, as follows:

  1. 1980-1986: Marsetio Donosepoetro
  2. 1986-1995: Jeanne Latu
  3. 1995-2000: Marsetio Donosepoetro
  4. 2000-2006: Dalima A.W. Astrawinata
  5. 2006-2013: Dewi Muliaty
  6. 2013-2016: July Kumalawati

Members of the IACC consist of medical doctors, clinical pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists, pharmacists, biologists, and other scientists who have an interest in clinical chemistry, actually all aspects of laboratory medicine. Besides full individual members, IACC invites associate members from other countries and honorary members, and also welcomes corporate members. The IACC congress is held every three years.

Since the formation of IACC was in accordance with the spirit to form the APFCB and some of the initiators of IACC were also the founders of the APFCB,  automatically IACC became the member of APFCB. Then since 1986 IACC became also member of the International Federation for Clinical Chemistry (IFCC), later known as the International Federation for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC).

The IACC became the host for the 3rd Congress of the APFCB on 15th-20th September 1985 in Pertamina Cottage - Kuta, Bali. The chairman of the organizing committee (OC) was Prof. dr. Marsetio Donosepoetro. Then IACC has got the second time to host the 13th Congress of the APFCB last 27th-30th October 2013, also in Bali but this time at Bali International Convention Centre - Nusa Dua. The Chairperson of the OC was dr. July Kumalawati.

Scientific events such as seminars, workshops, travelling-lectures from APFCB and IFCC, and symposia are conducted to disseminate current knowledge and skill to the members and non-members.

A collaborative programme of Becton-Dickinson and IACC on pre-analytical audit which is known as “May I Help You (MIHY) Campaign” is introduced and conducted since 2012. Until the end of 2014, around 40 laboratories had joined the MIHY Campaign and audited.



Fig 1: IACC’s Executive Board 2013-2016 with several members

Acknowledgement: IACC thanked Andi Widjaja, Marzuki Suryaatmadja, Endang Hoyaranda, Dewi Muliaty, Eric Martoyo, Krist Haksa, and Sri Paulani for their contribution in preparing this article.

This article was prepared by
dr. July Kumalawati, D.M.M., Sp.PK(K)
Clinical Pathology Department
Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia
Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital
Jakarta, Indonesia